Blue bell

In the late 1930s musicians from the southern United States were cruising the country in old steam locomotives.

There they shared their experiences, exchanged experiences, song lyrics, places to play ...

Blue Bell, that's what one of those old engines was called.

We have chosen that name in homage to all those traveling musicians who began to develop contemporary music.

With our leather straps we offer a tribute to these famous years and legendary artists including legendary guitars in popular music.

Discover our collection, identify yourself with their models, leathers and colors. Enjoy the Blue Bell experience.




At Blue Bell we are specialists in leather work, we are the second generation of a family that has always been linked to this world of leather goods and leather goods manufacturing.

Our selection of leather passes the highest quality controls for durability and beauty.

American Parker, French leaf cowhide, buffalo, English suede and deerskin are some of our items for making straps.

A highly qualified workforce cuts and sews our models, guaranteeing total durability and beauty.




From Blue Bell we want to convey our concern for the sustainability and good health of our planet.

At Blue Bell we work with leather and all our articles are made with surplus stock from sources such as the USA, France and Spain. Bovine skin is always a by-product of the animal, animals are not raised for the use of the skin, but for world food consumption.

We generate from this waste, a product that humans have been using for centuries.

All the dyes for its coloration are natural and free of chromium and all our suppliers certify the control of residues in their companies.

The threads we work with are cotton with the least possible polyester to guarantee the durability of our straps.

The adhesives and glues that we use are also natural like latex.

At Blue Bell we believe in sustainable business growth with the planet, we will always continue to do everything possible for good environmental health.