bluebell leather straps founder Pepe Guerrero

Hi there! this is Pepe Guerrero, founder of Bluebell straps.

Coming from a family with a deep tradition in the leather industry in Spain, owning seven footwear factories, my career path led me to study design and pattern making, and later I ventured into the world of luxury footwear in both Spain and New York.



The BlueBell Straps project emerged as a perfect fusion of my experience in leather craftsmanship and my deep passion for guitars. It is my pleasure to share this unique combination of skills and passion with you.





blue bell guitar straps philosophy



In the late '30s, the rhythmic rumble of steam locomotives echoed across America. Carrying more than just cargo, they transported the dreams and melodies of traveling musicians. Sharing stories, chords, and whispers of distant stages, these artists laid the foundation for the music we know today.

One such locomotive, named Blue Bell, became a symbol of this nomadic spirit. It's with this spirit in mind that we craft our leather straps, each one a tribute to the legendary guitars and iconic figures that shaped popular music.

Our collection isn't just about fashion; it's a journey back to those smoky blues bars and sun-drenched stages. It's about identifying with the stories woven into each stitch, the spirit of innovation and rebellion infused in every color.

So, pick up a Blue Bell strap, let the music flow through your fingertips, and join us on this journey. Discover your own rhythm, your own story, and experience the magic that lives within the soul of Blue Bell.




In the heart of a family steeped in leather for generations, lies Blue Bell. We aren't just craftsmen, we're storytellers,weaving tales of quality and beauty into each stitch of our straps.

Our legacy began with the whisper of tanned hides, passed down from father to son. Now, the second generation carries the torch, their hands guided by the wisdom of the past and the fire of innovation.

We scour the world for the finest materials, each hide whispering its own unique story. American Parker, strong and resilient like the cowboys who tamed the frontier. French leaf cowhide, supple and smooth, a touch of Parisian elegance.Buffalo, rugged and wild, echoing the spirit of the great plains. English suede, soft as a whisper, yet built to endure.Deerskin, light and versatile, a dancer's dream.

These are not just materials, they are our palette. Each strap is a masterpiece, born from generations of expertise and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Our highly trained artisans wield their needles like brushes, stitching together not just leather, but history, heritage, and a love for the craft that shines through in every detail.

So, when you hold a Blue Bell strap, you hold more than just leather. You hold a legacy, a story, a testament to quality and beauty that transcends time. It's a whisper of the past, a promise of the future, and an invitation to join our journey, where every note tells a tale and every strap becomes an heirloom.




The scent of earth hangs heavy in the air, mingling with the rich aroma of tanned leather. This is my world, a world where respect for nature and tradition go hand in hand. At Blue Bell, we're not just crafting straps, we're weaving a tapestry of sustainability, thread by thread.

We breathe life into discarded treasures, transforming surplus leather from the USA, France, and Spain into vibrant expressions of artistry. These hides were never meant for us, but a byproduct of another story. We see their potential, a second chance to shine, and with each stitch, we honor the life they represent.

Our colors sing a chorus of nature's own palette, vibrant and alive. Free from harsh chemicals like chromium, they whisper of meadows bathed in sunlight and skies painted with dawn's blush. Even our thread echoes this commitment,spun from the soft embrace of cotton, with just a touch of polyester to ensure its lasting beauty.

Glues and adhesives follow suit, whispering secrets of natural latex, a gentle touch that binds without harming.Sustainability isn't just a buzzword, it's the very fabric of our being. It's the guiding light that shines on every decision we make, from sourcing materials to crafting the final product.

Because at Blue Bell, we believe the future needs music, not just in its melodies, but in the harmony we create with our planet. We know our actions ripple outwards, and we choose to leave a legacy of beauty and responsibility, woven into every strap that graces your instrument.

Join us on this journey, where each note sings of sustainability and each strap becomes a testament to a world in perfect harmony.