The Navajo strap Collection: a tribute to the american roots

The Navajo strap Collection: a tribute to the american roots

The 1968 Navajo Thinline from Blue Bell Straps isn't just a guitar strap. It's a journey through time and culture, blending the elegance of whiskey-colored English suede with the vibrant traditions of Mapuche textiles and Navajo Native American motifs.

Ditch the boring straps. The 1968 Navajo Thinline will add a touch of distinction to your guitar, making it an expression of your personality and your taste for the unique. More than just a practical gift, it's a one-of-a-kind piece that will be cherished for years to come. A connection to tradition, culture, and craftsmanship. A way to express your individuality and your passion for music.

The Navajo motifs adorning the strap aren't just decorative flourishes. They're ancient symbols that encapsulate the rich history, worldview, and traditions of the Navajo tribe. A unique visual language, since they didn't have a formal writing system, they used weaving to express their stories, beliefs, and values. Each design, each color, and each shape holds a specific meaning, transmitting Navajo wisdom and identity from generation to generation.

The 1968 Navajo Thinline features a variety of motifs that weave a captivating story: diamonds representing fertility, rain,and protection; lightning bolts symbolizing the power of lightning and the connection to the sky; lines and crosses representing balance, harmony, and the path of life; and Yeii'i Bicheii, figures of Navajo deities that bring healing and well-being.

More than just a strap, the 1968 Navajo Thinline is a tribute to Navajo culture and a way to celebrate its rich artistic tradition. By wearing it, you connect with an ancestral legacy and carry a piece of the tribe's history and wisdom with you.An invitation to explore the fascinating Navajo culture and discover the profound meaning of its symbols. A strap that will accompany you on your musical journeys, filling your music with history, tradition, and a unique touch of Navajo culture.

At Blue Bell Straps, we believe that authenticity lies in the deep and ancestral roots of human cultures. That's why we draw inspiration from the wisdom and craftsmanship of cultures like the Navajo to create our guitar straps.

Each 1968 Navajo Thinline strap is a tribute to the connection with the earth, tradition, and individual expression. By wearing it, you're not just carrying a unique piece of craftsmanship, but also connecting with an ancestral legacy that invites you to explore your own authenticity.

At Blue Bell Straps, we seek the primal seed of authenticity in everything we do. From the selection of high-quality materials to the meticulous design of each strap, we strive to create products that are not only functional and beautiful, but also tell a story and connect with culture.

The 1968 Navajo Thinline is just one example of our commitment to authenticity. We invite you to explore our full collection of guitar straps and discover the one that best represents your passion for music and your connection to ancestral traditions.

Grab your 1968 Navajo Thinline from the Blue Bell Straps online store and embark on a journey through time and culture with every note you play. Awaken your senses, create a story, connect with emotions, use an authentic voice, and make it personal.


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