Here you will find our limited and most special units of our collection.

Selection of fine colors and qualities to satisfy the most demanding guitarists.

Johnson Strap Black Patina

One of the more popular of our straps now in this amazing finishing.

This technique it is  made by hand.

All of our best craftsmanship on this limited runs.

Johnson Strap Mid Brown Tobacco Caiman Leather

Introducing one of our most popular straps, now available in a highly limited edition crafted with special leather. Inspired by the iconic Gibson cases of the 50s, it exudes essence and vintage vibes.

Johnson Strap Cherry Caiman

Inspired by the iconic Gibson cases of the 1950s, it exudes essence and vintage vibrations.

Our premium cow leather, embossed with a crocodile pattern, is expertly finished with a shiny patina reminiscent of the timeless elegance of vintage pieces.

The soft shoulder padding and lightweight design make this strap exceptionally comfortable, making it a beautiful and standout addition to our collection. Hurry, as this limited edition transforms your strap into a unique and brand new vintage masterpiece.

Monterrey Black Patina Leather

One of the most beautiful and ancient techniques for finishing leather goods.

Black leather from the Pyrenees hand-finished with patina. Authentic silver buckle in this limited edition. And our famous adjustment system with pin and ring.

Monterrey Oiled Suede Mid Brown

Our renowned custom-made suede, Monterrey design, oil and brush engraving.

Authentic silver-plated buckle in this limited edition. And our renowned pin and ring adjustment system.